Wheelys ceases operations; the end of a fairytale

Yes. A fairytale. In just 2 years Maria, Tomas & Per grew from a garage in Malmö into almost 800 cafés all over the world. At a time, we had 50 employees building cafés. We won the Financial Times “Boldness in Business” award.


Maybe we were too bold and too unusual. Anyhow, we failed to convince investors of an A-Round. It was a close call, and we still think they were wrong, but that’s life.


For a while we fought and under the brilliant Jamie Corley and Per Cromwell. Then came Corona and overnight, all Wheelys cafés around the world were shut down. Today, the future is too uncertain to continue, and we don’t have the resources to sustain operations.


It is heart wrenching to see something you’ve fought for desperately die but what really sucks are all the young people from around the world that still apply to  join us. What are their alternatives? To start a Starbucks costs $1 million+. Wheelys offered them a way to start selling on the streets for $3,000 and to be part of a global community.


To all who have supported us, thank you! We’re sorry we didn’t make it to the end. But we will rise from the ashes. Stronger and wiser. And then we will invite you again.


Below are some memories.


/The Wheelys team


Want to hear from us when / if Wheely rises again, or about other endeavours from the founders? Have questions? Email us here.


Zachoria operating her Wheelys in Miami Shores
Wheelys Mini in the Chinese Warehouse
32 New Cafes being shipped
Ice Coffee Mania in Amman, Jordan
Shanghai Coffee Break
Adam & Maria in the early days
Oskar in Paris
Wheelys on the road
Baristas at work in Paris and Amsterdam
Film shoot in Malmö
Oskar and the Science
One of the first cups in Sweden
Nina goofing around
Morning Coffee
Coffee class at the Wheelys Swedish Summit
Short Queue in the US Long Queue in Sweden
The Wheelys pingpong office
The crate!
Wheelys coffee culture everywhere Wheelys friends from everywhere, now in Gothenburg
And away we go! Nothing beats the 
Arctic Coffee
The Wheelys Team
Indoors Almost Indoors Happy Coffee!
Tasting the first cup of Wheelys Coffee in Paris
Beards and Coffee in the North
Coffee bringing people together
Starting the Wheelys Coffee Making & Selling School in Aruba
Somewhere in Stockholm
Somewhere in the World
Sometimes in the World
Nighthawks on the corner, Stockholm
When Wheelys went Black
Summertime Malmö! Not Summertime Stockholm!
Clockwise movements. 5 seconds for one turn. Start along the edges and slowly work your way towards the center.
How many cups we served in total? Countless
Patric in Texas
Simon in a good mood, Stockholm
Coffee and Crepes
Finally Spring
The Green Warrior
Creative setups
From a garage to the world
Wheelys Mini in Paradise
Aruba Time
Coffee break in Denmark
The amazing Siphon
Our own Wicked Coffee Brand
We never stopped inventing
The Flagship Wheelys in action
We had a good run. Thank you for believing in us.
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