Mariana y Diego

The freedom that comes with excellent coffee.

- Mariana and Diego, Wheelers in Chihuahua

”The best moments are when our customers become our friends, and when we walk down the street, someone shouts: Here comes the Wheelers!”

Smack-dab in the bustling, historical city of Chihuahua the fierce sun rise early and the people with it. And while the money chasers adjust their ties, the worker prepares his lunchbox and the student fights the cluster of red veins in her sleep-deprived eyes, Mariana and Diego already has their Wheelys up and running, fully-stacked with fresh coffee and delicious treats, ready to get their fellow citizens fueled up and proper caffeinated for the day to come. Everyday heroes on bikes.

These two street baristas first met at the university where they both worked in public relations. An exquisite gig with a lot of perks to it, but freedom sure as hell wasn’t one of them. Mariana and Diego started dreaming about a life where they’d set their own schedule and live by their own set of rules..

Both Mariana and Diego knew that being at the right place at the right time is key. The usual morning location is right next to their friends wine and liquor store, with an ideal exposure of daily commuters. They even have their own drive-thru for people driving to work. And best of all, it’s right by their own house!

”Our lives has changed radically. Today we are free. And we love making coffee!”

For a couple of Wheelers in the heart of sun-dried Mexico it’s not the clock that sets the schedule, but the relentless heat. As the sun rises higher, Mariana and Diego makes their way home to prepare their Wheelys for an afternoon typically spent at a local Food Truck Park, a fun place with all kinds of amazing food being served from every sort of vehicle you can think of.

In the weekends they break their routine slightly and attend various events around the city, but according to Mariana The Food Truck Park is just too much fun to pass up so that’s where you’re most likely to find them.

- Mariana and Diego, Wheelers in Chihuahua

And just like that the perfect solution was revealed,  Wheelys just hit the market. The seed of a more simple enterprise, combined with the lust of a more free lifestyle, had been planted and there was no going back. Their background in sales and public relations gave them an advantage, but running a cafe from a bicycle was way out of their comfort zone. It’s a lifestyle that demands creativity, intuitiveness and hard work, but the reward is freedom and the chance to learn and grow everyday.

- Mariana and Diego, Wheelers in Chihuahua

”Knowing how to make great coffee is freedom. And we’ve made countless of friends from it.”

Nils, Wheeler in London

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"Serving coffee is not a job, it's a responsibility. The first cup of coffee in the morning is essential, people depend on you!"  

"Is this easy? Hell no, I had to be up at 5 am this morning. But guess what? I didn't have a boss telling me that I had to be up at 5. This is the best 5 am wake up call ever."  

Zachoria, Wheeler in Miami

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